Our furry friend-loving team brings style and comfort into your home, while protecting your furniture from playful pets.

Designed for paws was created for pet lovers, by pet lovers who believe that our furry companions deserve to be treated like part of the family.

Our dog Lacey was the inspiration for Designed for Paws. After noticing some playful scratches on our white leather couch, it was clear we needed something to help protect our beloved furniture during cuddle time with Lacey. After months of research, we found a bigger, durable and waterproof pet blanket that not only saved our precious furniture but also meant Lacey could stay up on the couch with us too.

Meet our co-founders,
Lacey, Deanne & Matt

Hi there! Deanne here. Welcome!

Designed for Paws began after my husband (Matt) and I discovered our new couch covered in scratches from our beloved golden retriever, Lacey.

Soon after, we set out to find a pet blanket that ticked two critical boxes:

1. It had to be high-quality and durable enough to protect our furniture from scratches, dirty paws, loose fur and other accidental damage; and
It had to look beautiful in our home.

2. When we couldn’t find a big enough blanket that matched that description, we decided to take matters into our own hands and brought Lacey along for the ride!

Lacey is our Chief Dog Officer, as well as the head of quality control. For many months, Lacey has tested our blankets’ durability, softness, and protective nature, while I’ve machine-washed them to find the quality remains as good as new, free from shrinking or fading.

We want to share our blankets with other pet lovers who love spoiling their furry friends while protecting the furniture in their home from accidental damage.

From one pet lover to another, thank you for shopping with us. We hope you love our blankets just as much as Lacey (and our couch) does.

Our Company Values

When we started Designed for Paws, we knew we didn’t want to be just another pet brand; we wanted to bring functional, yet stylish pet products into Australian homes. That’s why we created our business around four pillars:


Our products have been tested against scratching, slobber and playful puppies to ensure the highest quality for your pet and furniture.


Not only are our blankets soft, protective and stylish. They’re the biggest ones in Australia too! Fit for pets of all sizes.


Our customers and their pets are important to us, which is why we’re here to answer your questions and assist you with your order.


If we could adopt every pet, we would. We might not have the space to do so, but we donate to charities that do with every purchase.

We look after humans too!

We’re not just good at making thoughtfully designed pet blankets that enhance your home decor and protect your furniture. There’s a whole team of friendly humans working in the back-end too. We want your experience to be a good one from start to finish.

If you need help with your order, or want to know more about our products, or you just want to send us photos of your furry friends loving our products, we’re here for you.

Did you know that cats and dogs dream too?

What they dream about still remains a mystery, but we like to think they dream about being in happy, loving homes with a family who loves them unconditionally. Unfortunately, some pets are left without homes, food and people to care for them. We want to help change that.

Every time you purchase one of our blankets we donate $5 to Oscar’s Law, whose donations and dedication result in shutting down puppy farms and factories.