Designed For Dreams Dog Bed


Your beloved furry friend deserves top-quality rest that makes them feel safe, secure, and seriously loved.

Because between smooches, snacks, and endless adventures, they’ll need some downtime. Our Designed for Dreams Deluxe Dog Bed is crafted with plush raised edges, an ultra-snuggly bed base, and super soft waterproof faux fur to maximise comfort, soothe achy joints and calm the nervous doggo. Pawfect for pups who love big cuddles and need a safe, relaxing space to enjoy belly rubs, unwind after zoomies, and get their beauty sleep in.

For a short time only, bundle this with a designed for paws luxury blanket and get $20.00 off!

A cosy, calming haven for the pup ready to take on some serious R&R.

Your doggos new Favourite place to snooze

It’s so good your furry friend won’t even want to jump into bed with you anymore. Just ask Lacey!

As pet owners, we love sharing our home and bed with our gorgeous Goldie, but it often means there’s fur everywhere – and doggy dribble on our pillows. Our Designed for Dreams waterproof deluxe dog bed ensures your precious pup has a calming, lush king-size comfort cocoon all to themselves, and you sleep peacefully.

  • Kingsize - which suits even the biggest doggo's. 106cm wide x 20cm high
  • Serene, soothing & super soft
  • Long-lasting, breathable material, perfect for every season
  • Waterproof – optimal protection against those little accidents & doggy drool
  • Stylish – designed with a warm colour palette and a touch of luxury that blends seamlessly into any home decor
  • Raised rims for ultimate comfort & security
  • Machine washable & removable outer cover
Dimensions 106cm Wide x 20cm High
Colours White/Bronze Tip

King Size


Tested in-house by dogs (and humans) to make sure they stay dry, super soft, and 100% cosy.


Our dog beds are easy to clean and designed with a removable cover to maintain durability and a plush exterior after a cold, gentle wash cycle.


Each bed is made with love using the softest faux fur & polyester filling, allowing your pup to snuggle soundly straight to snooze town.


Raised plush edges provide optimal support & comfort, easing neck and spine aches & pains.

Giving back to doggos in need

Not every furry friend is fortunate enough to have a welcoming forever home. Every time you shop with us, we donate $5 of the proceeds to Oscars Law, whose donations and dedication result in revoking puppy farming and factories.

Fur baby (and human) approved

"I just purchased a HUGE fluffy blanket from DFP and my dog LOVES it on these colder nights!"

"The only issue was stopping my daughter and wife from claiming it as their own, as it looks nice enough to be a throw for the couch, a rug for the living room or a makeshift cocoon for a child! Very classy and definitely recommended.."


"So so happy I managed to get my hands on one of these blankets! It’s an absolutely stunning blanket and well worth the investment!"

"The quality is incredible and considering it is waterproof and can be washed is a huge bonus! I personally have a very large dog (Male German Shepherd) and have always struggled with protecting the furniture and anything I have purchased has been ruined pretty quickly. But, the King size blanket has done the trick and I even have room to lounge on it also! Highly recommend!"


"My human found this amazing pet blanket so I'm allowed on the bed at night! It really is the best thing she has got me except for maybe my bouncy orange ring. It's so nice and warm and I just lie on it for hours"

"It really is the best thing my owner has gotten me, except my bouncy orange ring. It's so nice and warm and I just lie on it for hours"

Rachel S